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More Bounchan

More about Bounchan and his family.

Since the pandemic Noi has been living with her parents in Luang Prabang during the week so their two older children, Anna & Vong, can attend classes at a more advanced school. (Bounchan's parents sent him to a college in Vietnam; such an option is too expensive now.) Back at the village Bounchan has been expanding the family’s buffalo, cattle, and goat herds looking towards the Chinese market. Because of the rice blight, Bounchan will not be planting rice this March (2021), instead seeding grass in pastures for his animals.

The 1st photo was taken in mid-November, 2019. Back row:  Bounchan, Noi, Bounchan's mother Daw, father Char. Middle row: Tousia, Anna,, Vong. Front: Kai.

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