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Sticky rice is hard work!  (December 14th, 2020) Hmong New Year celebrations are traditionally held at the end of the rice harvest based on the lunar calendar. This year the events were curtailed due to the virus, but sticky rice was still produced in Phoumieng village. In the video below Bounchan, our village coordinator, is wearing a blue jacket with his back to us at the start. His wife, Noi, is in the pink sweater on the far right. Mother Daw – in the blue top & kerchief – is helping Noi wrap rice cakes in banana leaves. Toward the end of the video son Vong is holding another young villager and is quite pleased with himself.  

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Bounchan and Noi spent the afternoon of August 1st, 2019 with son, Vong, gathering bamboo shoots for a family meal that evening. (August 25th, 2019)  

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