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Computer training

March 11th – May, 2019  Computer training. The project sponsored Bounchan’s enrolment in a 70 hour, 7 week computer repair course in Luang Prabang which led to his taking over IT responsibilities at the Mekong Riverview hotel where he worked as a driver. Bounchan already had good computer skills and a refurbished laptop; he's considering future IT opportunities in Luang Prabang.

The project was set to sponsor Bounchan in a follow-up computer course in late March 2020, but pandemic restrictions led to a border closure with Thailand preventing the instructor from reaching Luang Prabang. Fall 2021 appears to be the earliest date that the course will be offered.

Two Amazon Fire 8 tablets were given to Bounchan's family to allow his kids to practice English and their math tables. In the photos the kids check out English apps with another young friend. In the first photo Anna is on the left, next is Kai, then a friend, followed by son Vong. Middle daughter Tousia has her back to us; she's is in profile in the 2nd photo. Kai and Vong are in the 3rd and 4th photos.

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